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Getting ready for the 2021 season

02 Mar 2021

Officers to remain the same for 2021 season

2021 Membership, Match fees*, Fines and Teas will remain the same (*£5 match fees per game for adults & children if we're unable to have teas)

2020 Trophy winners will be announced at the same time as the 2021 season winners

1st game of the outdoor season is Saturday 17 April against Southgate Compton (subject to Covid restrictions / updates) (Season ends Sunday 26 Sept 2021)

League participation will be as normal for the 2021 season (all league games have been booked – same teams taking part as in the 2020 season)

We have 2 games fixed with Winchmore Hill Tigers’ “Lions side” (this will be our 2nd side playing on the same day as the main side)

2021 AGM to be held on Wednesday 20 Oct 2021 at the Club House

2021 Presentation night - Friday 19 Nov 2021 at the Club House.

Thanks, Praf.